What difficulties may arise in preparing for school?

The biggest problem is the implementation of graphic exercises and read sight words for kindergarten. This is due to the child’s disinterest or insufficient formation of subtle movements. You can cope with such difficulties in the process of performing gaming developmental exercises: labyrinths, drawing by points and contours, hatching, drawing elements, graphic dictation.

Restlessness is common among children. But increased activity during classes is due to various reasons:

Age features of the child. It is unlikely that a six-year-old will calmly and patiently complete all tasks. To maintain interest, it is important to arrange breaks, physical education sessions and include surprise moments. For example, think about how an unusual flower could “grow up” with encouraging words and phrases on the petal and leaves.

Indulging a child. The kid is not accustomed to bring what he started to the end, he is naughty and refuses to complete a difficult task. Compassionate adults feel sorry for the preschooler and allow him to do more interesting things, rather than study sessions. Think about it: should parents be so condescending? Motivate the child – explain that difficult tasks in the future will be easier to solve if you now pay attention to one of them. And, of course, let your child know that you are with him and are ready to support him and help him overcome learning difficulties.

Hyperactivity. If the baby is constantly distracted, asks a lot of questions about science experiments for high school and does not listen to the answers, grabs objects indiscriminately, cannot concentrate on the task, then it is worth consulting with a neurologist and neuropsychologist. These signs may be symptoms of hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit disorder. Careful diagnostics is required to identify the causes of such behavior and subsequent correction.
The unpreparedness of the child for schooling. Not all seven-year-old children are able to master the educational material and correctly complete tasks, sit through all the lessons. In such cases, a psychological and pedagogical (sometimes medical) examination is required to further build the educational route. Perhaps the specialist will recommend that you go to first grade a year later. There is nothing wrong with this. Let the kid start learning at the age of 8 and learn the school curriculum while maintaining adequate self-esteem. This is better than if he has gaps in knowledge, a high level of anxiety and self-doubt.