Downward facing dog

This yoga pose stretches the whole body, strengthens the legs, relieves tension from the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Execution technique

We get on our knees. We rest our palms on the floor.
We take a step forward with our palms. As you exhale, straighten your elbows and legs, lift your pelvis up and try to lower your heels to the floor. If this is difficult to do, the legs can be slightly bent.
We push the coccyx up, bringing the shoulder blades together, thereby opening the thoracic region. The neck is relaxed, the head is heavy.
We hold this position for a few seconds.

What to pay attention to when performing?

In the technical part of the exercise “dog face down” reflect small nuances that will increase efficiency. There is a clear transfer of body weight, and the position of the limbs, and the line of the back. Every little detail not only saves you from injury and damage, but also determines how the stance will affect the body.

Peculiarities of technique:

Arms straighten at the elbows, set as an extension of the back.
Fingers slightly open, palms pointing straight ahead.
Forearms slightly turn inward, and shoulders, on the contrary.
Don’t bend your neck, leave your head in between the hands, on the same line.
Straighten your legs at the knees, leaning on the whole foot or toes.
Do not bend lower back too much. Keep your back straight.
The weight of the upper body should be on shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers. Angle between the body and thighs is mandatory, and the buttocks should be pointed clearly upward. When doing this, breathe deeply and slowly.