Fourth grade math practice

Fourth grade math practice

Nowadays, a rare profession does not have a computer. Constant attention to the screen is a very heavy burden on your eyes. Therefore, the eyes also need rest. Let’s see how quickly and with maximum benefit to Fourth grade math practice give rest to the eyes.

Many eye problems arise precisely from overvoltage. Even people with good eyesight need rest for the eyes. If they are not given rest, there may be symptoms such as dry eyes, redness, impaired vision in the distance.

The large amount of information that we “absorb” every day, requires from our eyes almost constant tension. Naturally, they get tired. Many vision problems arise precisely from overvoltage. The exercises that will be given below are quite simple and will not take much time.

So. Those who spend a lot of time at the computer or with papers to rest their eyes should do the following exercises:

Fourth grade math practice

Closing the eyes, the knuckles of the thumb with the force to spend on the eyebrows from the nose bridge outward 18 times, then on the lower eyelids outside to the nose 18 times.

We keep relaxing our eyes.
Sit up straight, relax. Cover your eyes like this: the middle of the palm of your right hand should be opposite the right eye, the same with the left hand. Palms should lie softly, do not press them against the face with force. The fingers of the hands can be crossed on the forehead, can be placed next to each other – as you feel more comfortable. The main thing is that there are no “alkalis” that let light through. When you are sure of this, put your eyelids down. The result is that your eyes are closed and, in addition, covered with the palms of your hands.

Now put your elbows on the table. The main thing that the neck and spine were almost in a straight line. Make sure that your body is not stressed, and your hands, back and neck should be relaxed. Your breathing should be calm.

Now try to remember something that gives you pleasure: how you rested at the sea, how you were all congratulated on your birthday, the starry sky‚Ķ Consciously relax your eyes is very difficult (remember that with your heart you too can not control). So you don’t have to try to control your condition – it will only damage the purpose of the class, instead think about something nice.
You can also do the exercise at work by taking short breaks. Even in 10-15 seconds your eyes will have some rest. But, of course, it would be better if you give at least a few minutes for relaxation.

After doing the exercise (especially if you have done it for quite a long time), gradually open your palms, let your closed eyes get used to the light a little, and only then open them.