Asanas and Breathing

Without proper breathing, there is no yoga asana. Hatha yoga pays as much attention to the breath as it does to the body.

The process of breathing is also important because it reflects our inner state. When we’re stressed, you can see it in the breath. If there are thoughts – the breath is disrupted. More:

In everyday life, things are about the same. When a person is nervous, he loses his steady calm breathing. Breathing – a connection of mind and body. Asana begins to work when we manage to combine the body position, attention and breathing.

We are guided by the principle that it is better to choose an asana that is simpler but maintain a preferred mode of breathing than to put the body under stress and lose contact with the inner experience, the state that asana provides. Regular stress in asana wears down the body.

One of the easiest, yet most effective methods to master yoga asana is to practice and simultaneously concentrate on the sensations of the body in the asana and the lengthened comfortable breathing. The double focus of attention allows you not only to monitor the correct position of the body, but also to see the more subtle processes of consciousness. You’ll release accumulated experiences more quickly, be filled with energy, and increase your attention to your inner processes.