Five rules of yoga for beginners, which will increase the effectiveness of the exercise by 10 times

Practice on an empty stomach. It says here: Yoga masters often say that the effectiveness of a yoga posture depends on how empty your stomach is. It’s not just a physiological thing. When the stomach is empty and you feel a little bit of hunger, the feeling and perception becomes clearer and purer. That’s why in the system of yoga it is not accepted to overeat too much. But always keep your stomach in a light hunger is considered an excellent prevention of many diseases.
It is better to practice yoga in the morning. “Morning is wiser in the evening,” says a well-known saying. Remember how the evening passions and thoughts seemed silly and ridiculous in the morning. The mind is calmer in the morning. From an energetic point of view, the energy in the morning is upward, it is the energy of youth and prosperity. And in the evening the energy is going down, it’s the energy of old age and fading. So in yoga one of the main practices is Surya Namaskar, which in Sanskrit means bowing or greeting the Sun. Yogis get up early to greet the sun, watch it rise, and absorb the energy of sunrise, newness, youth and growth.
Never, ever rush to get results. The two most important principles of yoga are gradualness and regularity. Take one small step a day, as comfortable and safe as possible for your body, but do it regularly, without skipping a single day. Only this way can be called the wise way of yoga. In this regard, yoga can be contrasted with the usual European sport, where every action is aimed at obtaining maximum results. In yoga, the main principle is action without expectation of result.
In yoga practice it’s important to be in the mood before practice. Yoga is not just a physical exercise. And when you do yoga it’s important to go beyond yourself, to devote the practice to the people you care about and even to the world. Imagine that when you become healthier and happier you can teach it to other people. In this way you will gradually learn to do yoga not only for your own self-interest, but for the sake of all humanity. Before doing yoga it is customary to fold your palms in front of your chest and three times to wish happiness to all living beings. It’s the surest way to feel happiness yourself.
Transfer the principles of yoga from your mat class into your everyday life. Don’t create more tension in your work and communication with people than the situation requires, don’t fuss in vain. Always wish happiness for every person you meet on your way. Try not to harm any living thing without extreme necessity.