I was always interested in the question: how to learn to drive? But not so long, boring and dangerous, but right away! Sit down and go. But now, with years of driving experience, I realize it’s utopia! However, if I had been told what you’re reading now before, I think it would have been a lot easier! All right, key in the ignition, on the stratum, let’s go!

Knowing how to drive is not a gift from heaven!

But now I can say it’s complete nonsense! Driving skills are not a gift from heaven, but theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and real experience.

Driving theory, or DUD!
How often you can hear the phrase on the roads today: “You bought a license, but you didn’t learn to drive!” And indeed, ignorance of traffic rules leads to the most deplorable consequences! So if we want to reduce the number of accidents on the road, the rules need to know perfectly! After all not in vain driving schools devote so much time to theoretical knowledge! How to behave at an unregulated crossroads, which are signs on the road, where you can go if a police officer stands with your back to you, and much more. All this is very important, especially since while driving on the road you will not have time to think and remember the answer option, all decisions are made at a speed of 60 km / h!

Basic theoretical knowledge will be given to you in driving courses, but nobody canceled the self-education! First, in order to pass the exam in the traffic police you need to practice in the performance of tests, the drive you can ask your instructors at the driving school. But you can also use additional services and applications. For example, there is an excellent service in Kazakhstan, where you can answer 40 questions and test your knowledge just like in a regular test. It is also good that the service has mobile applications presented on all popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. With this application, you can spend more time learning the rules of the road, as well as repeating them in the future!

Driving without practice – to the first pole!


We simulate the situation: the cherished rights received, and a beautiful car presented! But what will be the surprise of your generous giver when he realizes that, despite all this, you are not something you can not drive, and elementary can not park! (Although, in my experience, it’s much harder to park than to drive!) “This can’t happen,” you say! “Maybe…” – we’ll answer honestly.
That’s why it’s better to choose car driving courses with good experienced instructors, and a sufficient number of practical exercises (at least 30-40 hours! It’s not worth saving!).

Going to practice, do not hurry up to leave the racetrack in town! Believe me, driving skills in the city will come with experience, but it’s better to learn parking in a quiet environment!
I remember in myself how after the 3rd lesson I got bored on the autodrome and managed to persuade the instructor to go to the city, having mastered only the “snake”. What was my surprise when the exam revealed that in addition to this very “snake” you have to pass the side parking, plus parking “in the garage”! Of course, the test was a failure. And it was passed only by those students who paid the instructors to teach these two types of parking just before the exam! Of course it’s not fair! But if somebody had told me in advance what kind of exams would be in my pocket! Therefore, I strongly advise you to find out in advance from people who have recently passed the exam, how the exam was and what to pay attention to!

The skill comes with experience and… a couple of scratches on the bumper.
Well, we know the rules, the practice got the rights too – we can go! Belt, ignition, handbrake, gas… fence. If you think that in the first year of driving you will be able to avoid at least minor damage to the body of the car – then … well, you will see everything! Remember one thing: at first you will be terribly annoying to other drivers! First of all, according to the rules in the first year of driving it is necessary to glue the letter “Y” – pupil on the rear window of the car! And if you stick it on, any careless traffic on the road (which, by the way, sometimes would be forgiven to an experienced driver) will be accompanied by loud signals and all sorts of swearing from the skilled motorists! If you ignore the rules, and do not hang an unfortunate letter, inept actions on the road will raise an even greater storm of emotions! By the way, for driving training, knowledgeable people offer:


to learn to drive at night – fewer cars on the road at this time. Training at this time you will be able to get rid of fear, feel more confident while driving, and create fewer accidents on the road;
Drive with an experienced driver – he can tell you what you’re doing wrong, provide emergency insurance, or warn you about hidden signs and cameras;
riding in the right row – the fact is that our drivers are often aggressive and inadequate, they often like to “punish” those who drive in the left row not fast enough. It’s better not to get caught like that on the road!
buy a used car for the first year (which is not a pity)
And these tips have their meaning! I advise you to take advantage at least in the initial stages.