What is a participal

What is a participal

Teaching in English is also possible, but What is a participal students studying in Austria are required to know German. A good level of German is a must. In order to prove the level of German you have to take a written and an oral exam. If the student does not show a good level there is always the possibility to choose from many courses, which are preparing for university and a large number of privileges for students.

Let us tell more about studying in English. It is based on the Bologna system.
What is the system? It includes several levels:

  • Bachelor’s degree. It lasts 3 years and gives you a bachelor’s degree upon graduation.
  • Master’s degree. Two years of study and a master’s degree upon graduation, respectively.

The peculiarity of the Master’s program is an obligatory 180-240 points. Adopted by the Bologna Agreement, the total number of points is counted according to the European system.

  • Doctoral studies follow. It lasts 3 years and receives a doctoral degree upon graduation. It is mandatory for medical students.

Students themselves calculate their strength and the number of hours they need to study the subjects. The most important thing in the system, of course, is knowledge. Students are also responsible for setting their own exam schedules. Such conditions make many students hostage to their own laziness and many of them remain bachelors for a long time.

What is a participal

Once you go to college in Austria, you can learn a certain specialty. Duration of training in colleges from 2 to 3 years, depending on the form of training and teaching. You can choose full-time or part-time respectively.
Austrian higher schools are no less popular. The main emphasis in them is on practice, and because of this feature training lasts much less (4 years).

In addition to free education there are scholarships for foreign students. With their help you can pay for internships and language courses. An obligatory condition of education is an internship in firms.

Distance education.
It exists on a par with full-time and correspondence education. It is the most flexible in scheduling and interaction of students with teachers and even classmates. It takes place students hate math by mail and online lectures. Such education is provided by private universities in Austria. Consider the cost of such training. It can range from 300 to 600 euros/semester. As a plus of such education, in addition to the flexibility of the schedule, we can note a variety of faculties of training. We are talking about both medicine and economics, as well as the humanities.
To summarize, such education can safely be considered one of the world leaders in many aspects. Let us emphasize the demand for such specialists in large companies around the world.