The rapid development of the child’s brain occurs from birth to 3 years

When a baby is born, his brain is 1/3 the size of an adult brain. But in the first 3 months of life, it increases in volume by 55%. The most actively developing department, which is responsible for motor activity – the cerebellum. During this period, it increases in size by 110%.

Tip: Let your baby move and read more from birth. If you have a newborn baby – do not swaddle him, let him freely move his arms and legs.

If your child is 6 to 9 months old, do not rush to teach him to walk, let him crawl more. The crawling stage is responsible for the formation of brain regions that play an important role in the learning process.

Well, if your child is already 2 – 3 years old or more, do not rush to seat him for study, but let him run, jump, climb, walk on curbs more. Practicing movements, the child develops the nervous system and intelligence. And when the time comes to study, school subjects will be easier for him than for children who moved less.