Principles of Meditation

In order to understand how the mind works, we use a simple technique of keeping our attention in the present moment. This is what the mind tries to actively resist. The easiest way is to focus on your breath after click Breathing always takes place in th

e present moment, so it is a suitable object for concentration. The whole technique is to try to keep the attention on the breath, watching the mind constantly strive to escape, and each time returning attention to the breath when it manages to distract itself.

When you turn on the audio meditation and close your eyes, you should be prepared for your attention to be constantly distracted and your mind to run away from meditation. Just because you decide to sit and meditate doesn’t mean that you will suddenly feel the peace of the universe. Your mind is too spoiled and like a wild horse that cannot be tamed overnight. This requires gradual training.

The process of meditation is simple and easy: you have to sit and watch your breath, bringing your attention back to your breath every time it is distracted. It is not necessary to stop the flow of thoughts, let the mind do its thing. Thoughts are the nature of the mind, the thought flow is a natural element, and let it be what it is. All that is needed in meditation is to constantly keep part of the attention on the breath, without getting involved in thoughts. Meditation is the skill of just being, not striving for anything, a place where no effort is needed.

There is no such thing as good or bad meditation. There is only awareness and automatism. The moment you realize you are distracted, you are aware. And it is when you return attention to the object that you make a conscious action. And the key point of meditation is to change your ideas about your thoughts and feelings by learning to observe them without getting involved in them.

Meditation does not promise to solve your problems or guarantee eternal happiness. Life, with all its problems and uncertainties, will still happen. But what meditation can do is change how you choose to approach life and how you choose to respond to the circumstances around you. Meditation is an unshakable center of calm in the midst of the surrounding chaos. With consistent practice and a willingness to explore, meditation will bring gradual, profound changes and will ultimately transform the way you relate to yourself and others.