Learning to meditate is easier than you think

Let’s try meditation and https://www.julianalucky.com/yoga-for-kids right now.

Place your palm in front of you and find a spot on your skin that you cannot look away from for 60 seconds. Not taking your eyes off means to stop any even the smallest eye movements! Think at this moment about how the body relaxes and becomes heavier. Keep your back straight and make sure that your eyes do not move.

If you are “stuck” – congratulations, you are close to meditation, your attention has ceased to be distracted by other thoughts.

If you get distracted and start thinking about plans for the evening, that’s even better. Now you see how the mind is disobedient and does not obey you 100%.

young girl training yoga near a lake

Continue to return attention to the palm of your hand each time you are distracted.

If you draw an attention graph, you get a meditation daisy: in the center of it, the object of meditation is the palm, and the petals are how far and for how long you have been distracted. In a meditation chamomile, the petals decrease over time, because you begin to remember the object of meditation earlier and get distracted less often.

The moment when attention does not switch is called meditation – this is the lightness from childhood, when there is nothing to worry about. Allow yourself to rest in this state.

This does not mean that things will evaporate. It’s just more pleasant to make them from a peaceful state.
The more things become more pleasant, the more pleasant life in general.

If the thought haunts you, switch your attention with the help of meditation so that the problem ceases to be important, and then solve it with a calm head.