This is one of the most pressing issues today. You can lose your self-esteem quickly, but to return it is a difficult task. But, if you take its decision actively, correctly configure yourself and use competent methods, the result will not take long to wait. How do you learn to respect yourself? Actually, only 9 steps need to be taken to reach your Fourth Matrix – the final matrix hierarchy responsible for success and victory. Only being in the state of the Fourth Matrix will a man be satisfied with himself and his life, and thus will respect himself. Okay:

Step 1. To increase your self-esteem, confess your love for yourself. The magic three words “I love myself” spoken out loud every time I look at my reflection can do real wonders, especially with the lovely ladies.

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Step 2. Learn to respect your environment. This applies not only to people, but to life as a whole. Respect and love the life that you have at the moment, and also set a goal to make it better.

Step 3. Repeat to yourself the phrase “I am a whole, confident person and can find a way out of any situation, regardless of its complexity. It is even better to write this phrase on a special card and hang it on the fridge. Believe me, if you repeat these words constantly, they will eventually become a source of energy, self-confidence and help you change your mind. How do you learn to respect yourself?


Step 4. Know that you’re not alone in this world. You must be in society, you have family and friends, and maybe colleagues. So your respect cannot be lost as long as there are people close to you. You have allies and like-minded people who will always be with you, even if now you think they have distanced themselves from you. Believe me, if the environment finds reasons to respect you, then you should do it all the more.

Step 5. Take up self-development. Abraham Maslow argued that a sense of belonging is the highest attribute of the pyramid of self-actualization. Therefore, a person who feels insecure often feels that he is in the wrong place. Meanwhile, we are all born with equal opportunities and to learn to respect ourselves we need to develop these opportunities. “All in my hands” is another phrase that you must repeat constantly.

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Step 6. Get in touch with everyone you’ve had an argument with. If you learn to forgive your abusers and ask forgiveness from those who have been abused, you will show them respect. By emitting positive energy to the outside world, you will feel the flow of positive energy. By showing magnanimity to your abusers, you will realize that you are filled with respect for yourself. How do you learn to respect yourself?


Step 7. If you want to change your mind, love your body.
Learn to listen to your body and watch your health, because, as you know, “a healthy body has a healthy spirit. Simply put, if you love your body, accept it with all possible shortcomings and take care of your health, self-respect will appear very soon.

Step 8. Determine your role in self-respect. To achieve this, you need to understand that the opinion of others is not the truth – it’s just an opinion. Each of us in society hears dozens of opinions about ourselves, and they are all different. So any opinion about you is not a fact. You cannot control people’s consciousness and are responsible for their thoughts, but you are responsible for your character, actions. If you begin to feel insecure in yourself, then not only lose self-respect, but also unconsciously form a negative opinion of people about themselves.

Step 9. Thank life. If you learn to thank life for everything that happens to you, then you will show respect for yourself. Eventually, you will understand that respect is within you, and you can give it not only to others, but also to yourself.