How do you learn to play the ukulele? Five practical tips

The ukulele is one of the most popular musical instruments among young people. It is compact, does not require connection, to master the game on the ukulele is quite easy. More and more young people from around the world are trying to learn to play this miniature guitar. To do this, you need to follow simple rules: learn how to set the hands, develop a sense of rhythm and regularly improve the game. Then any ukulele will be on your shoulder.

How do you learn to play the ukulele

The ukulele is a small guitar. Hawaii is considered the home of this instrument. Ukulele comes with four strings and eight strings (with twin strings). The name of this musical instrument is translated as “jumping flea”. This is due to the fact that while playing the ukulele fingers of the musician jumping on the strings, like the movements of a flea. Ukulele guitar comes in several varieties: soprano, concert, tenor, baritone and bass. The size of the guitar varies from 53 to 76 cm. To learn to play the ukulele from scratch, follow practical advice.

1. Landing and hand setting

To master the ukulele, you need to start by landing. Many novice musicians forget about it, which leads to problems later on. The correct fit of a musician is a guarantee of quality playing a musical instrument. No matter what kind of ukulele you have chosen, you should sit with a straight back and relaxed shoulders during the game. Hands should move freely. In other words, nothing should interfere with a musician.

How do you learn to play the ukulele
playing Ukulele
  1. Rhythm
    There can be no sound without rhythm. That’s why it’s worth paying more attention to the ukulele while mastering it. Many people think that the sense of rhythm is innate, but it is not. You can develop your sense of rhythm with the help of simple exercises using a metronome on your smartphone. Rhythm is the basis of any music, and anyone who dreams of playing guitar well should develop rhythm.
  2. Gradual complication
    Despite the fact that the ukulele is one of the easiest to master musical instruments, you should not hurry to play complex, virtuoso works. Start by playing simple chords, different combat options and progress slowly. First you need to master simple basics, and then move on to more complex works.
  3. Slow rate
    All novice musicians should pay attention to the synchronization of sound absorption by ears and movement of hands. The human brain at first has a hard time absorbing a lot of new information, so it needs help. To do this, you need to play slowly those passages of the works that turn out perfectly. Only then you can learn the usual rapid pace of the game. This is the only way to learn to play perfectly in the future.
How do you learn to play the ukulele

5. Regularity of classes

In order to constantly improve the game on the ukulele, you need to study regularly. Experienced musicians recommend practicing frequently, but with less time, so learning the material will be productive. Like 20 minutes every day. Over time, you can increase the duration of your lessons to the most comfortable. If you study with pleasure, the result will not wait. Learn to play the ukulele is easy, the main thing – to believe in yourself, and everything will work out.