Getting your child ready for first grade

Your baby is finally going to first grade. You have been waiting for this moment for so long and are very happy, but excited at the same time. You need to prepare your child for the trip to school and first grade sight words , and you want to do everything correctly and flawlessly, not to miss anything.

Briefly about how to pack your child to the first grade – you need to buy all the necessary things (school uniform, satchel, supplies, etc.). Below we will talk about each detail in detail.

Choosing school uniforms

First, find out what kind of school uniform and what is 2/3as a decimal the school has. If it is a single sample, find out where you can buy it or order its sewing. If the school just provides for wearing business style clothing, you will have an easier time. For a boy you need to buy a business suit, consisting of a jacket and pants, a few shirts in neutral colors, two or three sweaters for cold weather. For formal occasions it is worth buying a tie.

If you are sending your daughter to school, buy a suit for her that consists of a jacket and skirt. You can also buy business style pants. A very comfortable school girl’s clothing is a sundress, which can be worn with or without a jacket. In addition to a suit or sundress, buy two or three light-colored blouses. Also get a pair of warm turtlenecks.

It is very important to choose the right shoes. Shoes for the boy should be comfortable, with a non-slip sole. Do not buy shoes with complex fasteners or Velcro: a first grader may not be able to understand them. Shoes for girls should not have a high heel, but you can not, that they were with a completely flat sole. Choose shoes that are comfortable and of good quality, and in which the child will feel comfortable.

For physical education, buy a tracksuit and a pair of T-shirts. But perhaps your school has a uniform uniform, find out about it beforehand. Pick the right sneakers. They should fit snugly and have non-slip soles.

Choosing a backpack

The right backpack must be roomy, made of durable water-repellent fabric and have:

weigh less than 1 kg;
a lot of convenient pockets for small things.
When choosing a backpack, be sure to consider the child’s opinion, because nowadays there is a huge number of backpacks with images of popular cartoon, movie, book and comic book characters, in which you are unlikely to know better than your child.

Choosing office supplies

To begin with, you need to buy a pencil case. It should be comfortable, capacious, made of soft material, so that it won’t rattle if it drops suddenly during a lesson. It is better to choose pencil-cases which have special loops for pens and pencils.
Buy two ballpoint pens with dark blue paste and two more to spare. Purchase red and green pens because some teachers require special underlining in the notebook.
There should be two pencils: a hard one and a soft one.
Buy a plain white eraser: it does its job best.
A sharpener should have a container to collect pencil shavings.
Do not choose long rulers; buy a fifteen-centimeter ruler with precise divisions.
Also leave the choice of school diary to your first grader, then it will be more fun and joyful for him to go to school. But pay attention to the fact that the diary has all the necessary fields for entering data.
Get notebooks in a slash line and in a cell. The paper should be clean, and the ruler and cell should be clear.
Buy supplies for technology and drawing lessons: watercolor paints, brushes, album, plasticine for modeling, set of colored pencils, scissors with non-sharp ends, colored paper and cardboard, glue-pencil.

Choosing textbooks

Usually textbooks are given out in the school library, but if not, get a list of textbooks from the school and buy them in a bookstore.

Going to first grade – how to prepare your child psychologically?

In order for your baby to feel comfortable at school, then you need to meet a few conditions:

Teach your child to read (at least in syllables), count (up to ten).
Broaden your child’s horizons: tell him or her about geometric shapes, such concepts as right-left, etc., and study the world around them, types of animals and plants.
Don’t limit your child’s communication with peers, so he won’t be wild and withdrawn.
Tell your first grader how interesting it is to study, how smart he or she will become, how many new things he or she will learn, and how much he or she will get to know friends.
And are parents themselves ready for their offspring’s trip to first grade?

In no case, do not show great anxiety and excitement, otherwise your condition will pass on to your child. Remember that at school your son or daughter will be with professional teachers, who know how to find an approach to the child, and the same children with whom he or she is sure to make friends and find common ground. But know that if something goes wrong, you can always consult with a teacher, find out how your child behaves at school. Understand that school is necessary for your child to become a grown-up and more confident in himself.