General rules of meditation

The practice of meditation should be done in a quiet, peaceful place. To focus and discover your own psychological world, you need a complete sense of security and calmness. So try to retire in a separate room or in nature so that neither the sound of passing cars, nor the presence of other people, their conversations distract you.
The most popular meditation posture is the Jiani Mudra. Sit on the floor, cross your legs in a lotus position (it is not necessary to perform the pose thoroughly, you should be comfortable), put your palms on your knees, back to the top, close your thumbs with your index fingers, the rest of the fingers point forward. Meditation in this position promotes concentration of the mind and closes the human biofield.
Before starting, just sit in silence, breathe deeply. Feel the difference between inhaling and exhaling. Try to break all the blocks within yourself for the correct passage of energy. Try to get rid of resentment, claims, reproaches, negative psycho-emotional well-being.
You should be comfortable and warm. If indoors, ventilate it in advance, dress in comfortable clothes. It is better to dress warmly, as blood circulation slows down a little during the meditation period.
To start the practice of meditation, it is better to choose a certain time. The most favorable is 4 – 5 o’clock in the morning, or about 7 o’clock in the evening. You should not meditate on a full stomach, after drinking alcohol, smoking, or eating salty or spicy foods.
Cleanse your body before meditation. Take a hot shower, take a salty foot bath, and brush your teeth and tongue.
To perform some exercises with a certain time limit, set an alarm nearby. So you get rid of unnecessary thoughts about time control.
Before each meditation, according to the rules, a specific goal is set. For example: “I am starting the process of meditation in order to strengthen my vitality, gain health and psychological balance, but I will return because I am a living person living on earth and needed by other people.”
After the end of meditation, do not rush to jump up and immediately proceed to other things. Give the positive effect a chance to take hold. Stay still in a state of calm for about a quarter of the time of the entire meditation.