Cognates definition

Cognates definition

It is Cognates definition a well-known fact that education in Austria is one of the highest quality in Europe. The nice thing is that the cost of education is cheaper than in Russian universities. Upon graduation, diplomas are valued around the world. All of the above helps universities in Austria to attract large numbers of foreign students.

Secondary education
Education starts at the age of 6 at schools in Austria. Secondary basic education ends with the 9th grade and is divided into two grades. Elementary school is the first level. At this stage it lasts 4 years and then they have a choice between secondary school or basic school. Secondary school consists of 8 years of schooling, and basic school consists of 5 years. Gymnasium is considered the more prestigious educational institution, but it is also possible to enrol in it.

Schools are followed by entry to higher education institutions for certain professions.
At these levels students learn mathematics and German as well as foreign languages at the highest level. University graduates are teachers. Entrance to university and vocational 1st grade spelling words training is possible only after studying in gymnasiums, because of the specifics and bias in the study of foreign languages in gymnasiums.

There are also schools in Austria, where foreigners study together with locals, such schools are called international. A very important feature of such schools is the fact that foreign students can study subjects in their native language. Obligatory condition is to obtain a certificate and passing the final exam for further admission to higher education.

List the positive sides of studying in Austria:

  • No age restrictions
  • No university entrance exams
  • Students can work during their studies
  • Teaching in English and German is possible
  • Free education is a common practice or low tuition fees

Let’s look at the institutions of higher education in Austria:
There are three groups – high schools, colleges and universities.

Cognates definition

Studying at universities, as described earlier, is free for Austrians because of state funding. For citizens of the EU and some countries it is also free. The university professors are civil servants.

Also consider paid education. In Austria it ranges from 500 to 1000 euros/semester. For foreign citizens the sum ranges from 380 (for Belarusians and Kazakhs) to 760 euros (for Russians). There is also a preparatory fee-based training. For Russian citizens it costs about 450 euro/semester.

The distinctive feature of Austrian universities can be noted the presence of six art high schools. It is impossible not to mention the universities of postgraduate education. The universities in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg are considered elite.

To enter the universities you need a certificate, which will meet the Austrian requirements. They change every year, and to protect yourself from misunderstandings, it is advisable to clarify the information before admission to the university. Documents should be submitted before February 1. There are also post-secondary schools that focus on vocational education and training for nurses and social workers.