4 EASY WAYS TO Meditate More Often

“In order to understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily calm.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

When I thought about meditation and https://www.julianalucky.com/yoga-for-kids, it seemed to me too difficult, and even unattainable in the modern world. After all, we are always in a hurry somewhere, we work, and when we are not working, we answer messages from friends, and when we have a free minute, we scroll through the Instagram feed, or go in for sports or not go in for sports … I do not take into account household chores and caring for yourself. And how in all this, find time for 10 minutes of meditation a day?

Agree, this is strange, they tell you to just sit and breathe … and then what? At what point will it be clear that she helps me? And what does she actually do? Even after reading articles and watching documentaries on the powerful effects of meditation, the desire to sit and meditate does not increase.

I have found some simple practices that put me in a meditative state, and it can be invoked at any time. Even if you are having lunch, chatting with your family, or driving a car. These simple techniques help you stay in the present moment:

Walking is my favorite activity to think or clear my mind. Whether I’m in my hometown or traveling, walking brings me the feeling of total immersion in the environment. Walking increases the amount of endorphins, and most importantly, gives you the opportunity to know the world around you. Osho, by the way, has a whole cycle of dynamic meditations. When you meditate on the move, such as while running or while cooking dinner. Try it.

No matter what you are doing right now, just stop and take note of all five senses. What do you see? What are the colors, shapes, smells around? What are you touching? What are the feelings? What new have you tried? What are you hearing now? Can you stop what you’re thinking about and just melt into the experience of the five senses?

By directing the consciousness to the surrounding world, it instantly passes not to “me”, but to the environment. By bringing consciousness to experience through the body, we are instantly grounded in the moment. Focusing on our own experience, we have no room for judgments, comparisons, negative thoughts and other nonsense.

I consider hearing to be the deepest of the five senses. When my thoughts become useless, stupid and intrusive, then I listen to the world around me, and thoughts are instantly drowned out. Where attention goes, energy goes there. Bring your attention to the outside world, beyond the mind, and the energy follows.

Words are our creative power, a way to express our thoughts and describe actions. By only learning to track speech, you will feel how powerful it really is. When what we say, feel and do corresponds to our internal state, then we have excellent mental health. Sometimes it pays to slow down and think before you say something. And then the truth will pour out of you. Learn to speak sincerely again, without tricks and tricks, without sarcasm and evil jokes, like children. And then your soul will thank you. Your loved ones will thank you for your sincerity and truth. Because before you say, you had time to think.

For life to become a living meditation, you need to return again and again to the present moment. And this requires constant awareness of yourself in the moment.

These simple techniques, which I have tested on myself, often help me regain strength. In this vast space, we always have access to higher powers. We already have everything that we aspire to, and we already are what we want to become. Be here and now, love yourself, appreciate yourself, breathe deeply!